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Letters from Clive Residents

Summer Time and the Livin’ Was…

By: Esther Hastings Miller

Esther Hastings - 7th grade 1959

Esther Hastings
7th Grade – 1959

Well, the living wasn’t that easy, since we were living off the land and that much gardening means lots of weeding then lots of canning. But we had plenty of time for our own pursuits and we’d always spent most of our time outdoors, so with all those acres to play in, we did have fun!

It’s hard to describe those acres now. The old house was torn down in the 80s and so much has been built since. I haven’t lived in Des Moines since I was a teenager, so I didn’t get to see the changes happen slowly. Let me try to place things now by looking at the satellite image of the maps of the area.

There is still a little bit of the driveway showing. Just before Swanson Blvd. crosses the railroad track, you can see a flat area that follows the same curve as the track. That was our driveway and it went up and around to the back of the house.

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